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Screen Printing Books
Screen Printing Books
Screen Printing Books
Screen Printing Books

Screen Printing and Silkscreening Books

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Schwalbach, M. V. a. S. and J. A. Schwalbach (1970). Screen-process printing for the serigrapher & textile designer; photographs by Henry T. Kakehashi, New York, London: Van Nostrand-Reinhold.

Schwalbach, M. V., J. A. Schwalbach, et al. (1970). Silk-screen printing for artists & craftsmen. New York, Dover; London: Constable, 1980.

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Stallebrass, P. (1990). The creative guide to fabric screen printing. London, New Holland.

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Stephens, J. M. (1987). Screen process printing: a practical guide. London, Blueprint.

Stephens, J. M. (1995). The printing processes - screen process. Leatherhead, Pira International.

Stephens, J. M. (2000). Screen printing in a digital age: a literature review. Leatherhead, Pira International.

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Sternberg, H. (1942). Silk screen color printing. [S.l.], McGraw-Hill.

Taylor, C. (1992). The great T-shirt book! make your own spectacular, one-of-a-kind designs. New York, Sterling Pub; London: distributed by Cassell.

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Terry, G. (1961). Silk Screen Printing for Beginners. [With illustrations.], pp. 32. Heinemann: London.

Venkateswara Rao, A. (1992). The kalamkari industry of Masulipatam. Hyderabad, India, Shuttle-Craft Publications.

Webb, R. C. (1989). Screen printing production management. Cincinnati, Ohio, ST Publications.

Wells, K. (1997). Fabric dyeing & printing. London, Conran Octopus.

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Zahn, B. (1930). Silk Screen Methods of Reproduction for Sign Painters, Card Writers, Display Men Etc. Chicago, Frederick J. Drake.

Zahn, B. (1930). Silk screen methods of reproduction for sign painters, card writers, display men, furniture decorators, novelty manufacturers, glass etchers and for domestic use. Chicago, Frederick J. Drake & Co.

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