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Screen Printing Books
Screen Printing Books
Screen Printing Books
Screen Printing Books

Screen Printing and Silkscreening Books

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Clarke, J. (1986). Control without confusion: troubleshooting screen printed process color. Cincinnati, ST Publications.

Clemence, W. (1957). The Student's Guide to Screen Process Printing. [With illustrations.], pp. 80. Guildhall Publishing Co.: London.

Clemence, W. (1959). The Beginner's Book of Screen Process Printing. Written and illustrated by W. Clemence, pp. 80. Blandford Press: London.

Clemence, W. (1970). The beginner's book of screen process printing. 3rd and revised impression, London: Blandford Press.

Conkelton, S. and G. Gilbert (1983). Harry Gottlieb: the silkscreen and social concern in the WPA era. New Brunswick NJ, Rutgers University Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum.

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Eichenberg, F. (1978). Lithography and silkscreen: art and technique. [London], Thames and Hudson.

Elliott, B. (1971). Silk-screen printing, London: Oxford University Press.

Faine, B. (1989). The new guide to screenprinting. London, Headline.

Feinstein, R. (1990). Robert Rauschenberg: the silkscreen paintings, 1962-64. New York, N.Y., Whitney Museum of American Art.

Freeman-Zachery, R. (2003). Stamp artistry: combining stamps with beadwork, carving, collage, etching, fabric, metalwork, painting, polymer clay, repousse, and more. Gloucester, Mass., Rockport; [Hove: RotoVision [distributor]].

Galitz, W. O. (1982). Handbook of screen format design. Wellesley, Mass., Q.E.D. Information Sciences, 1981.

Gillow, J. (2001). Printed and dyed textiles from Africa. London, British Museum Press.

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Hall, E. S., M. B. Blackman, et al. (1981). Northwest coast Indian graphics: an introdution to silk screen prints. Seattle; London, University of Washington Press.

Hein, G. (1972). [Stoffdrucken.] Fabric printing, London: Batsford.

Hiett, H. and W. Clemence (1946). Silk-screen process production: largely based on Screen process production. [S.l.], Blandford Press.

Hiett, H. L. (1980). 57 How to do it charts: Techniques for screen printing, Signs of Times.

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Hollebone, S. (1980). Screen printing: the beginner's guide. London, A. and C. Black.

Hoskins, S. (2000). Water-based screenprinting. London, A. & C. Black.

Hunt, D. D. and D. M. Hohl (1996). A guideline to wet and dry ink deposit measurement methods. [United States], Screen Printing Technical Foundation.

Iheonye, A. E. (1982). Factors affecting the visual appearence of screen printed fabrics, University of Leeds.

Kendall, T. (2003). The fabric & yarn dyer's handbook. London, Collins & Brown.

Kent, C. and M. W. o. S. P. Cooper (1966). Simple printmaking: relief and collage printing, [by] Cyril Kent; screen printing, [by] Mary Cooper, London: Studio Vista: New York: Watson-Guptill.

Kinnersly-Taylor, J. (2003). Dyeing and screen-printing on textiles. London, A. & C. Black.

Kinsey, A. (1965). Simple screen printing techniques, London: Society for Education through Art.

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